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Achieve Natural Beauty with Stunning Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a classic window treatment designed for ease and simple beauty. Their natural texture alone adds visual interest to space, making it feel more put together and deliberate. They’re easy to clean, come in a variety of paint colors and stains, and now feature several cordless options that make them a fantastic choice for homes with children or pets. At Gotcha Covered, we feature several robust and beautiful wood window treatments from Hunter Douglas, including the Parkland® and EverWood® collections. Let’s dive deeper into these beautiful blinds and some of the reasons why we love to recommend them.

Achieve natural beauty with stunning wood, alternative wood, and aluminum blinds near Raleigh, North Carolina (NC)

Parkland® Wood Blinds

Crafted from 100% sustainably harvested hardwood, these blinds are perfect for bringing the great outdoors into your living space. Wood blinds offer warmth and a cozy atmosphere all while making your home look more finished. Choose from several slat sizes as well as a seemingly endless collections of paints and stains (including the option to customize your own). With advanced finishing technology, you can count on your Parkland® blinds to last for years. De-Light™ construction eliminates traditional light holes that would otherwise let unwanted light seep into your home, which makes these blinds great for bedrooms where light-sealing window treatment is of the utmost importance. With LiteRise®, simply push or pull your blinds to position them instead of worrying about dangerous cords.

Pair your Parkland® Wood Blinds with PowerView® Automation for the ultimate user-friendly experience. Operate your window blinds with the PowerView® smartphone app. Set custom Scenes that remember the exact position of your blinds for that perfect lighting every time.

EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds

When you want to enjoy the natural appeal of wood blinds but worry about your window treatment’s exposure to the elements, we recommend EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds. These blinds feature the same great de-Light™ technology and an array of colors to choose from but are built from an alternative material that makes them resistant to bowing, yellowing, fading, and warping. EverWood® is perfect for bathrooms and sunrooms that are susceptible to increased moisture and sunlight exposure. Enjoy a beautiful view-through that opens up your home without compromising on privacy or protection. EverWood® preserves the same aura of wood blinds with realistic textures and finishes that mimic the natural feel of traditional wood blinds.

EverWood® boasts PowerView® Automation compatibility, making it both durable and innovative. Enjoy the ultimate hands-free experience with the power to control your window treatment with the sound of your voice thanks to Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant pairing. Program your window blinds to open and close on a schedule you determine, even when you’re not home.

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