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Stunning Custom Roller and Solar Shades

Stunning Custom Roller and Solar Shades, featuring automation, motorization near Wake Forest, North Carolina (NC)

Roller and solar shades are often an underappreciated window treatment that is worthy of your consideration for a beautiful, soft window fashion. Roller and solar shades not only ensure privacy throughout your home while still allowing plenty of natural light to flow through, but also protect against harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and protect your furniture against damage from otherwise untreated windows. They're a fantastic option for diffuse daylight when you want it, and comfortable darkness when it's time to sleep. Crafted from a swath of fabric, custom roller and solar shades are a clean yet elegant option for your windows that provide complete coverage without light that seeps through hardware or, cord holes, other gaps between your shade and your window.

At Gotcha Covered, we offer several Hunter Douglas custom roller and solar shades to choose from. Let's dive into the award winner Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades, a star among window treatments of its kind.

The Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shade retains the traditional appearance of a roller shade yet is crafted from two fabrics to enhance your experience. These shades are a beautiful window treatment solution, filling your room with elegant, soft light that conveys openness and warmth while making your space feel livelier.  These horizontal shades feature a 2-inch cell size which is great for adding dimension to your windows. They also come in an array of colors and textures, from neutrals to jewel tones, to fit your interior design needs. When you want to open up your room, use LiteRise® technology to simply lift up the bottom of the shade and place them at the exact height you want. These shades also boast two unique motorization technologies for hands free control: SoftTouch™ and PowerView®. SoftTouch™ is a battery powered system that replaces unsightly cords with a sleek wand, giving you full control of your shades with a one touch tool. PowerView® fully automates your custom solar and roller shades by integrating into smartphone technology like Amazon Alexa, Apple, and Google Assistant. With the PowerView® app, you can set your shades to open and close on a schedule, making it the perfect choice for large homes or busy schedules. Automation is cordless and wireless --the only difference you'll see is your smart solar and roller shades making your home's lighting flow seamlessly.

When customizing your Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades, choose darker colors for a room darkening effect, whether that's a dark brown or gray to complement your modern decor, or a deep green or red perfect for setting a more luxurious tone. Roller and solar shades are a simple, fresh way to revamp any living space, from kitchen, to living room, to bathroom, without a total overhaul.

To take your interior design a step further, consider accenting your window's border with stunning drapes and side panels from the Design Studio Collection. Each product is also compatible with motorization and automation technologies, so you don't have to compromise when you want finished elegance.

Come visit us today at our showroom in Raleigh, NC, or call to set up an appointment with one of our professionals. We proudly service the Triangle area and inside The Beltline, including Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Rolesville, NC, meaning you don’t have to go far for great service. Contact us today for a quote and let’s begin crafting your custom roller and solar shades today.